Teddy Bear - The Story of a Bucking Bull

Written by D&S Schellenberg and illustrated by Ash Cooper

This is such a great book and one that is seriously fun for the whole family.

This was an absolute MUST for the Wildwest kidz inaugural subscription box!

This charming story is an encouraging tale about a tiny little bull with BIG dreams. It is accompanied by rib-tickling illustrations by talented western-artist and rodeo entertainer Ash Cooper. These two ingredients turn out to be the perfect recipe for a children’s book that comes off the shelf again and again. Mom and dad will not cringe when their kids bring this book to them at bedtime for the 68th night in a row! In fact, they just may look forward to it as much as the kids!

Book Description

Teddy Bear is the story of a young calf dreaming to become a World Champion Bucking Bull, just like his father. He is born weak and not built quite right. The other calves laugh at him. He practices day and night.

The day finally comes when all the bulls get their names. A tough, strong name will show everyone that he is a bucking machine. But when given the name "Teddy Bear", he worries the cowboys won't take him seriously.

Loaded up for the first time, next to his dad he travels to his very first rodeo. Turning out to be the best bucking bull ever seen, Teddy Bear's hard work pays off.

Teddy Bear teaches us to never give up on our hopes and dreams, because things are never as bad as they seem.

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