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Wild West Kidz is the largest book subscription platform dedicated solely to Western-lifestyle children’s books. We curate and assemble affordable and exciting monthly book deliveries which will allow us to provide books that will spark, and continuously fan a child’s love for reading.

Wild West Kidz provides affordable and exhilarating books specifically for customers interested in western lifestyle-focused children’s literature.

The western lifestyle is rich in tradition, family values and hard work - it has been for centuries. This life is full of open spaces, interesting characters, love of the land and love for the animals that roam on it.

Amidst this unique lifestyle, education and literacy is always a priority. Generally, it is challenging to find children’s books that authentically reflect the rodeo/ranching/farming lifestyle.

Occasionally, parents and grandparents may happen upon specialty stores or a trade show booth that carry western stories for kids that are both well written and well-illustrated. All children love books that they can see themselves in, and, in turn, this makes them want to read more. The availability of these books has always been a gap in the market.

Fast forward to a recent trip to the Canadian Finals Rodeo. A group of young moms was in a hurry to get to the trade show before it closed for the day. “We have to hurry to get to that booth with the good cowboy books, I need to get some books for my kids!”

As they rushed away, it dawned, “Wow…this is STILL a problem”.

This was the spark, that started the fire that led to Wildwest Kidz.


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