Wildwest Kidz Posse Profile - December 2020

Short Go’s Big Ranch Adventure

Written by Lindsay Keller

Illustrated by: Marilyn Domer

Early mornings. Late nights. Long days sandwiched in between.

There are jobs to do when you live on a ranch – rain or shine, blistering sun or blackout blizzards.

There are animals to care for and crops to grow and harvest.

The unique thing about ranch families is that they tend to create a life that they don’t need a vacation from. It is quite remarkable.

Ranch families get the kids involved. They help with chores, run equipment and move cattle. The fun is mixed in organically, and often kids get the benefit of lots of quality time working with and learning from family. Ranch children see firsthand the rewards of hard work, kindness and responsibility. When ranch kids are big enough to help with the day to day tasks, they wear it like a badge of honour.

Let me introduce this month’s Wildwest Kidz Posse Profile, Short Go’s Big Ranch Adventure.

What is this story about?

This is the story of children’s author Lindsay Keller, a Kanas cowgirl and mama to three cowkids. The illustrator, Marilyn Domer, is Lindsay’s mom and this is her story too. So, it goes, back through the generations…

Lindsay is a beautiful Kansas writer who can rope a steer and jockey a barrel horse with the best of ‘em. Like her daughter, Marilyn can be found out in the arena, spinning steers or working the horses.

Short Go’s Big Ranch Adventure is based on one of Lindsay’s favourite childhood memories when she finally got big enough to go out and gather pairs with her grandpa.

I was struck by the authenticity of this story and how ‘real’ it was. I loved the detail in the storyline and the illustrations. I just knew that there would be so many kids who would see themselves in this account of the life of a ranch kid. Kids who don’t live on a ranch will get a good idea of what a day in the saddle looks like for a child raised on a ranch.

Lindsay always says, “The best stories told are the ones that have been lived”. Ranch kids will relate because they will have had similar experiences – gathering cattle, working calves and the pride of a job well done. Those who are less familiar will go on an adventure that will teach them about life in a ranch kid’s boots.

Our December 2020 box will contain Short Go’s Big Ranch Adventure and two other exciting stories that will remain a surprise for unboxing! (HINT! One book will focus on a very entertaining rodeo character, and the other is a brilliant story set on a farm, which is sure to make your little reader giggle with delight.)

I sure hope you all like the inaugural shipment of the Wildwest Kidz Picture Book Posse.

I will leave you will Marilyn Domer’s advice for parents of little cowboy kids. I can’t like this enough.

“If they ask to ride, saddle their horse and be happy they asked…regardless of whether they ride five minutes or five hours.”

I couldn't love this sentiment more.

Happy Trails Wildkidz!


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