Wildwest Kidz Posse Profile - January 2021

Saving Emma the Pig

Written by John Chester

Illustrated by Jennifer L. Meyer

Life among animals is often just what kids need.

Whether it’s cattle, chickens, horses, sheep, or pigs, you will find farm kids working hard alongside their parents, ensuring that their animals are comfortable, well-fed, healthy and happy.

On the rare occasions that an animal becomes sick or distressed, the whole family pitches in, doing whatever they can to nurse the animal back to health. It’s during these times that kids learn valuable lessons about dedication, compassion and kindness.

Whether your child is being raised on a farm or is just curious about some of the elements of farm life, this month’s featured book is a treasure.

Saving Emma the Pig is one of three books headed to the Wildwest Kidz Posse members in our January 2021 box.

This heartfelt picture book was written by John Chester, with gorgeous illustrations from Jennifer L. Meyer. Saving Emma the Pig is a companion picture book to the award-winning film, “The Biggest Little Farm” (You can watch this on Netflix)

Book Details:

When Emma the pig arrives at the Apricot Lane Farm, she is about to give birth to piglets. But she is also sick, and after her SEVENTEEN babies arrive, Emma is unable to care for them.

Taking care of seventeen piglets and a sick mama pig are a challenge for Farmer John and his team. But the cure for Emma reminds them what is most important – for pigs and for humans: love and friendship.

I have included this link below to a video that will tell you a bit more of the story behind the story. It’s an uplifting way to spend five minutes.


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